Digitalisation requires clear objectives rather than being a driver itself. Therefore, we cooperate with our clients and develop these objectives. 

Our focus lies on two pillars. The first one displays an internal view, which is achieving efficiency through digitalisation. The second one, and at least as important, is the customer. After all, the customer must be at the center of all digitisation issues.

Recent Topics of NEXGEN


BAIT – Central component of the IT supervision in the banking sector


  • In November 2017, BaFin will publish the new banking supervisory requirements for IT (BAIT)
  • BAIT is aimed at the management of all credit and financial services institutions in Germany and is a central component of IT supervision
  • The aim is to improve the IT organisation and raise awareness of IT risks. By uncovering considerable weaknesses in previous IT reviews and the desire of the banking industry for a more detailed definition of the general requirements, BAIT provides a more concrete description of the content. They are based on the previous requirements of MaRisk and the Sections 25a, 25b of the German Banking Act (KWG).


Platform – Opportunity for a true Banking 2.0

  • Platforms are becoming crucial for financial service providers. On the banking market, one sees a rather heterogeneous development here. The developments range from the establishment of own platforms, to the purchase of external provider platforms, to the establishment of several platforms.
  • Nevertheless, for the introduction and, above all, the orientation and use of platforms to be a success, each bank must be very clear about the goals and benefits. The operation of a platform is no guarantee of success in itself.


Customer Journey - A trip through the customer’s lens

  • It is well known that in the digital era, customers constantly receive information and that the former sovereign knowledge can now be found on the Internet. 
  • However, only the customer itself decides on the purchase of a product, which is still difficult for many banks in the daily implementation.
  • In order to facilitate this process, visualising the customer journey helps. Where are the possibilities for breaking off, where can the customer get inspired and why does the customer ultimately decide to buy or not? 

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